Miss Celebrity Spotlight Pageant

Quality national pageant for contestants 0-24 years old. 
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Rules for Recompeting

MCS Ultimate Grand Supreme can not re-compete at MCS the next year. They must sit out for an entire year. If you win Ultimate Grand Supreme twice in your lifetime you are then crowned Lifetime Queen and can not compete at MCS ever again.  (We invite you to come back as royalty though and enjoy a fun weekend with your MCS pageant sisters)

MCS Grand Supreme titleholders must sit out for one year. If you won 0-4, 5-8, 9-12, or 13+ Grand Supreme at our November 2020 2020 national pageant then you can not re-compete at the 2021 national 'Back to Basic' pageant. 
EXCEPTION: If you are a 2020 Grand Supreme titleholder you CAN re-compete if you bump up to the next supreme breakdown. Example: Let's say the 9-12 year old 2020 Grand Supreme is now 13 years old in April 2021, so she can now compete in the 13-24 year old supreme breakdown in 2021.

All other past MCS titleholders/competitors are allowed to re-compete!

NOTE: MCS also supports your eagerness to compete at other pageants not affiliated with us. You are not required to sit out from competing at any other pageant systems regardless of which title you win at Miss Celebrity Spotlight Pageant.