Miss Celebrity Spotlight Pageant

Quality national pageant for contestants 0-24 years old. 
(Check out our NEW Ms. Celebrity Spotlight Pageant for ages 25+)

What is a MCS 'Open State' Pageant?

Our 'Open State' pageants are one day, natural pageants  for contestant ages 0-24 years old. Starting in 2020, MCS Open State pageants will be located in only a handful of states but registration is open to contestants from any state. Theses one day pageants have no bearing on our national pageant held annually in New Jersey. You are not required to compete at an Open State in order to compete at nationals. 

What is the difference between your National pageant and an Open State pageant?

Our National pageant usually attracts more contestants due to an abundance of titles, 32 cash prizes, contestant party, large prize packages, and it is an entire weekend (Friday through Sunday) event. Nationals also allows contestants to compete in both natural and/or glitz beauty. Open State pageants are smaller one day (usually a Sunday) pageants, awards less titles/cash prizes, and does not offer a glitz beauty option.