Miss Celebrity Spotlight Pageant - Quality pageants for contestants ages 0-28 years old.
This could be you!
Are you searching for a hobby that will fill your child, teen or young lady with a sense of accomplishment and confidence?
Does your little one of performing on stage? Do you have aspirations of becoming the next Miss America, Miss Universe, Broadway star, actress, singer, or model?
Then pageants may be your calling!
What better place to build confidence and self-esteem
than on the MCS stage. 
We provide a fun, stress-free competition and make sure every contestant feels special and is rewarded for the courage, elegance and poise they display. MCS also provides motivation for all girls and women to strive in school, participate in fundraisers and volunteer service.
Professional judges score contestant's on the basis of facial beauty, personality, poise and grace, originality, photogenic appeal, etc. Contestant's are always given their scoresheets at the end of our crowning ceremony with valuable input from the judge's, these are great pointers to take home with you and apply to pageants and even real world scenerios such as that next go-see, audition, public or presentation. 
Whether this is your first pageant or your one hundredth pageant you are sure to shine on stage, leave the competiton with a crown, confidence, new friends and memories to last a lifetime.


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Special Announcements:

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Congratulations Kassandra M. Kassandra is the 2015 MCS Ambassador. She collected the most donations at our 2015 MCS donation drive for the non-profit organization 'Birthday Wishes'

MCS Royalty had a wonderful time in Atlantic City at the  2013 Miss America "Show Us Your Shoes" parade.

Look who was hosting:
February 2012 Nationals
Master of Ceremony
103.5 KTUs Cindy Vero!
WOW! The Miss Celebrity Spotlight- Massachusetts State contestants collected 1284 items to be given as donations to the 'Helping Our Troops MA' organization. The organization will seperate and box the items into care packages and have them  sent to U.S. troops overseas.